Can I participate without sharing the template on an INSTAGRAM STORY ?

Yes. But if you liked the contest or if you just appreciate our job, you are kindly encouraged to share it

Can I participate with an old picture found in my archive instead of a new one?

Sure! It doesn’t matter when you took the picture. Important is to be you the actual owner of it

Can I participate with more than one photos ?

No. Every person can participate with just one picture. The Instagram profile will be taken into account.

Can I win more than one prizes ?

How? You can send up to one picture!

I'm from the U.S.! Can I participate?

Unfortunately no. In case of win we can send the prizes just  within the European Union

I made a mistake typing one of the personal information in the application form (name, instagram username, mail,...), how can I do?

Send us immediately an email at our account: alpinbags@gmail.com explaining your mistake.